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Appointed Counsel for Appeals


In the Ninth District Court of Appeals, the trial courts generally appoint counsel for appeals.  Loc.R. 41.2(B).  Occasionally, the Court of Appeals appoints counsel (when granting counsel's motion to withdraw upon review of an Anders brief or granting an Application to Reopen, for example).  As a result, the Court of Appeals maintains a list of attorneys who have expressed a willingness to be appointed as counsel on appeal.

If you are a licensed Ohio attorney and you would like to be included on the list of attorneys who are available to be appointed to represent indigent persons on appeal, you can do one of two things (and you only need to do one or the other).

1.  Download the Appointed Counsel Application, complete the fillable-PDF, sign it, and email or mail it to the Court of Appeals.  The directions for submitting the Application to the Court of Appeals can be found on the bottom of the form.

 - OR -

2.  Complete the online Appointed Counsel Application.  The online form asks for all the same information as the PDF document, but it can be completed in less than five minutes by answering a series of questions on your cell phone or computer.  Your responses will be saved and your application will be completed, with no further action required.


One of the questions on the Application asks whether your information can be shared with the trial courts in the counties from which you said you would accept appeals.  Some trial courts have contacted the Court of Appeals to ask for names of attorneys who have said they will handle appeals, so you are asked to confirm that you would agree to this or you can choose not to; the choice is up to you.


If you have previously applied to serve as appointed counsel and your contact or other information has changed, you can simply submit a new application, using either the form or on-line application, and note that it is an updated application.

If you have any questions, please contact C. Michael Walsh, Court Administrator, or send an email to