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COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions (updated April 6, 2020)


How will the Court handle remote oral arguments?

The Court intends to use Zoom to hold remote oral arguments.  You can learn more about Zoom by visiting our instructions for remote oral arguments.


Are all of the deadlines tolled in pending appeals?

All filing deadlines have been “tolled” until the date the period of emergency ends or July 30, 2020, whichever is sooner, pursuant to order of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Ohio.  Tolling Order, 2020-Ohio-1166.  The Court will continue to decide cases that have been fully briefed and are ready to be submitted.

The Court will handle cases as usual unless a party, clerk of court, or court reporter, moves for a COVID-19-related extension of time pursuant to the Tolling Order.  The Court will order that a case remain active if it is related to a situation that requires immediate attention.  Tolling Order at section (F).

The Ohio Supreme Court offers answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the Tolling Order.


What are the hours of the Court of Appeals?

The Akron office, the Court's administrative office, is currently closed for public visits.  You may call the Court's main office between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. for answers to general questions.  You may call the Court at (330) 643-2250 or toll-free at (877) 526-8785 from outside Summit County.  This will allow the Court to continue to offer services without risking the spread of COVID-19.


Can I file my motion or brief at the Court's main office?  Can I mail my documents there to be filed?

Briefs and motions must, as always, be filed with the appropriate clerk of court, and the clerks will continue to deliver those filings to the Court.  There is no need to deliver courtesy copies or proposed orders to the Court's main office.


How do I contact the Clerks of Court?

You can call the clerk of court for each county at the following telephone numbers.  You can also click on the name of the clerk's office to be taken to the clerk's office website.


Are you still mediating cases?

The Court continues to mediate cases.  The Court's mediation attorney will continue to review new appeals, schedule pre-mediation conferences, and hold mediations.  All of the mediation contacts will be handled remotely.


What if I have an emergency or case that must be expedited?

The Court remains open and will continue to address cases.  The judges are available to address emergency motions and to handle expedited appeals.

Will there be oral arguments?

Under normal circumstances, oral arguments are heard for many cases.  During the COVID-19 public health emergency, all cases will be submitted on briefs.  A party may move for oral argument by alternate means.  If the motion is granted, oral arguments will be conducted remotely.  If oral arguments are conducted remotely, the Court intends to post a recording of the arguments on the Court's YouTube channel.  You can learn more about Zoom, the service the Court will use for oral arguments, by visiting our instructions for remote oral arguments.


How will I know my case has been scheduled or decided?

The Court will issue an order scheduling the case for submission on briefs on a specific date to a panel of judges.  On that date, the judges, who will have already read the briefs, will conference remotely to reach a tentative decision.  The process from there remains the same except that the judges and their staff will work remotely.  The record is available to the judges and their staff attorneys while they work on the decision.  When the Court has reached a decision, it will be sent to the clerk of courts for filing and the clerk will serve it.  The decision will also be posted on the Ohio Supreme Court website.