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Common Terms



An appellant is any party who has filed a notice of appeal.  Loc.R. 1(B)(1).



Any party to the proceedings from which the appeal is taken whom appellant designates as an appellee on the docketing statement or who, upon written motion of the party, is given leave by the Court to proceed as an appellee in the appeal.  Loc.R. 1(B)(2).


Certificate of Service

An acknowledgment of service by the person served or proof of service in the form of a statement of the date and manner of service and of the names of the persons served, certified by the person who made service.  App.R. 13(D).  Documents filed with the court shall not be considered until proof of service is endorsed on the documents or separately filed.  App.R. 13(D).



An application for an order or other relief.  App.R. 15(A).


Notice of Appeal

The paper that is filed in the trial court that informs the court and the parties that someone is appealing from a decision of the lower court.  App.R. 4.



The record on appeal consists of the original papers and exhibits thereto filed in the trial court, the transcript of proceedings, if any, including exhibits, and a certified copy of the docket and journal entries prepared by the clerk of the trial court.  App.R. 9(A).