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Attorney Fee Applications


An appointed attorney may submit a fee application to be compensated for attorney's fees on appeal.  Attorneys can find guidance on the process on the Ohio Public Defender's web site.  Local Rule 11(E) details this Court's procedure for appointed counsel to follow to submit a fee application. 

According to Loc.R. 11(E)(1), the application must be filed on the most recent forms issued by the Ohio Public Defender's Office.  The application must include an affidavit of indigency.  Loc.R. 11(E)(1).  The Court cannot award payment that exceeds the schedule of fees established by each County, unless a motion for extraordinary fees is also filed.  Loc.R. 11(E)(2).

All fee applications must be filed within 14 days of the entry of the decision and journal entry or order that disposes of the appeal.  Loc.R. 11(E)(3).  The Ohio Public Defender does not reimburse the counties for fees paid pursuant to an untimely or improper application.  Therefore, the failure to timely file an application may result in a reduction or nonpayment of fees.  Loc.R. 11(E)(4).  As a matter of practice, this Court reduces fees by 50% if the application is not timely filed.