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Oral Argument or Submission on Briefs

When the parties file their briefs, they may request oral argument by writing "ORAL ARGUMENT REQUESTED" on the cover of their brief.  App.R. 21(A).  If the parties request oral argument, the Court will schedule a date for oral argument several months after the last brief is filed.  If oral argument is not requested, the case will be assigned to a panel of three judges who will make a decision based on the written arguments in the briefs.

Oral argument gives the parties an opportunity to appear in person before the three judges from the Court of Appeals who will decide the case.  The parties have 15 minutes each to present their arguments.  The oral arguments should focus on the key arguments made in writing in the briefs.  The Court of Appeals will not consider new evidence or hear testimony from witnesses.

You can learn more about oral arguments in the Ninth District Court of Appeals by reading the Guide to Oral Argument.



The Court of Appeals announces its decision in the form of an opinion and journal entry.  Loc.R. 22(A).  The decision will be sent to the parties by the clerk of courts.  It will also be posted on the Ohio Supreme Court website here.  The Court generally releases decisions in cases from Lorain, Medina, and Wayne Counties on Mondays and from Summit County on Wednesdays.

A party may appeal this Court's decision to the Ohio Supreme Court.  The process is explained on the Ohio Supreme Court's website.